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Salad Recipes to Remember

Memorial day salad recipes

Memorial Day symbolizes the start of the summer season for many of us, even if the official start of isn’t for another month. The official U.S. holiday when we honor those who have died in active military service is also a day to celebrate the freedom and friendship that they sacrificed their lives for and give thanks for the onset of another season of outdoor enjoyment. And what better way to do that than with a Memorial Day picnic sourced from the gardens we started in last month’s blog.


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How Does Your Garden Grow?

how does your garden grow+

Gardening with your kids is a great way to build family memories and traditions that can persist for many generations. It’s a fantastic way to teach children responsibility and give them a love of nature; all while promoting a diet that supports oral health as part of an overall healthy diet. We like to think of these oral health-focused gardens as “Smile Gardens” because they deliver family smiles inside and out!

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White: Our Favorite Color!

White Favorite Color of Season

Easter is upon us and we’re surrounded by dozens of dyed Easter eggs. “Egg-stra" colorful stains are great for Easter eggs but definitely not something you want to see in your smile. Surprisingly enough, though, the same fundamentals that allow us to make those colorful Easter eggs are behind the unattractive stains on your teeth as well.

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Traveling with children

Best Apps for Traveling with Kids

Spring break is here and many of our families are dashing down south to soak up some sun and fun on the beaches of the Florida Gulf Coast and other getaways. But getting there and back with kids can be harried and stressful.

Apps aren't a replacement for traditional non-digital travel entertainment for children – watching the scenery, reading books, making polite conversation, defining your side of the back seat – but they can be a useful Plan B when the normal distractions have been exhausted and you’re beginning to run short on patience or ideas.

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