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Don't Overlook This Opportunity

Aspen Grove Dental Family Dentistry Franklin TN does not want you to miss out on the upcoming eclipse!"

You’d have to already be in the dark if you haven’t heard about the Great American Total Solar Eclipse. It’s the first total eclipse to sweep across the United States in 99 years and Nashville has a front-row seat to the August 21 show.

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Treating Sensitive Teeth

Aspen Grove Dental Recognizing and Treating Sensitive Teeth

Former President Ronald Reagan had a serious sweet tooth. In addition to the jar of jelly beans he kept on his desk he was also a huge fan of ice cream. He loved it so much, in 1984 he worked with Congress to approve Proclamation 5219; officially making July National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday in July National Ice Cream Day.

Those are the kind of political proclamations everyone can get behind. Even us! But, if you are the one in eight people who suffer from tooth sensitivity, you may think twice about indulging and that’s a shame. So, to help ensure that you get your fair share of this national treasure, we wanted to share with you the top reasons for tooth sensitivity and tips on how to manage it.

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Paletas: Coolest Summer Treat

Franklin TN family dentists, Aspen Grove Dental, shares a fun, lower-calorie, lower-sugar content, summer treat recipe, as an alternative to ice cream and popsicles.

Summertime is here and everyone is looking for something cool and refreshing to rescue them from the sticky hot summer heat. Ice cream, gelato, and popsicles are quick fixes from the store but there are downside tradeoffs to indulging. Ice cream and gelato can be high in fat. And, while we’ve been conditioned to think that frozen yogurt is a healthier choice, the amount of sugar in it and the serving sizes offered at most yogurt shops negate any positive benefits. The typical American popsicle, while high in sugar, is devoid of fat but red, blue and orange tend to get boring after a while..!

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Welcome, Dr. Ryan Roberts!

Ryan Roberts DDS

We are pleased to announce that Aspen Grove Dental will soon be welcoming a third dentist into the practice!

Dr. Ryan Roberts, who by the way has been an Aspen Grove Dental patient since he was in middle school and recently graduated from the University of Tennessee Memphis Health Science Center College of Dentistry, will be joining Drs.Trammell and Hutchison starting June 19th!

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