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Thank You Mom

The Amazing Job Description of Mothers

Oh the many hats of a mom. What other jobs out there require you to be a housekeeper, cook, computer tech, laundry operator, CEO, facilities manager, psychologist, janitor, taxi driver, teacher, referee, and a nurse all at the same time? On average moms spend anywhere from 50-90 hours a week taking care of their children. From making sandwiches to patching up a boo-boo with a band-aid and a kiss, it's easy to forget how much mothers do for us. One day a year, on the second Sunday in May, we dedicate this day to honor all the mothers in our lives. Whether you're a mom or a mom-to-be, this day is for you!

Sometimes being a mom has its challenges. Every day is different and rolling with the punches is a must (literally when little Johnny is fighting with Suzy). The skill level required is high. Yet, there isn't a degree or class that can fully prepare you for what being a mom is all about.

Something special happens when you become a mother. Your instincts kick in and the "figure it out as you go" attitude takes over. At times, the goal is to just make it through the day! It has its highs and lows, but when your child looks you in the eye with a smile, gives you a hug, and says "I love you, mommy," everything seems like it's all going to work out.

We want to thank all of the moms out there for taking care of their kids, showing them love and acknowledging the little things. From AGD, we thank all the moms for asking the daily question, "Did you brush your teeth?" Next, to us, mothers are just as passionate about dental health as we are! Being a mom is hard work and you deserve a day to be showered with gratitude and appreciation for everything you do. So kick back, put those feet up, and let your loved ones spoil you a bit. Happy Mother's Day!

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