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Fall Checklist: 10 Helpful Tips

Fall Checklist2

Prepare for Fall With These Helpful Tips

Summer is coming to an end and that means Autumn is soon to be arriving. You've successfully got the kids back to school but now what? As you approach the coming season, here is a "Fall Checklist" that will help you get ready.

 1.  Test Your Detectors

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors are fairly inexpensive and are true lifesavers! Install them if you haven't already otherwise make sure they have fresh batteries and test them out.

2.  Replace Your Filters

If you haven't changed your filters in the last three months, do so now. Making sure your filters are new and clean prior to "heater" season is a must. Cleaning your vents with a vacuum should go hand in hand with filter changes, keeping the air in your home clean and clear.

3.  Check Those Chimneys

Have the wood burning fireplace and stove flues and chimneys professionally checked and swept. It's most likely filled with leaves and debris that need to be cleared prior to having that first fire of the season.

4.  Clean The Gutters

Clean out the gutters and also check the downspouts. There is nothing worse than walking outside and being drenched by the overflow of rainwater pouring out the top of the gutter because you failed to clean them when the weather was nice.

5.  Drain & Store Hoses

Unhook your outdoor hoses from the faucet. Drain them, and store in a protected place. You can go a step further and prepare for winter by covering the outdoor faucet with an insulated cap to protect the pipes from freezing.

6.  Maintain The Car

Get your oil and fluids checked. The best way to avoid those unexpected car troubles is maintenance. Spend the money on the small tune-ups and keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

7.  Pack Away Summer Clothes

Free up your closet and drawers by packing away the summer clothes and shoes in space saver bags. You can tuck them away in the attic or under the bed. Make sure they are freshly laundered and ready for next summer.

8.  Switch Your Bedding

A great way to prepare for colder weather is to switch your bedding. You don't have to go straight to flannel sheets either. Layering blankets or having a medium weight quilt at the foot of the bed is a great way to get ready for cooler nights.

9.  Get Cold & Flu Season Ready

Do what you can to stay healthy this cold and flu season. Daily doses of Vitamin C will help strengthen your immune system and can be simply taken by drinking OJ, eating an orange or taking a Vitamin C supplement.

10.  Optimal Oral Health

Replace your toothbrushes. Start the season out with a fresh and clean new brush. Keeping your teeth in tip-top shape is not only good for your health but good for your bank account. Make sure you have your cleanings scheduled and on your calendar for yourself and the whole family.

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