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Using Tech For A Better Smile

Five Ways to Use Technology for a Better Smile

Improve Your Smile – Aspen Grove Dental Shares Small Resolutions with Big Results

At Aspen Grove Dental, we believe that successful resolutions, just like successful dental health, are a lifelong pursuit and even the little things matter. We're fans of resolutions that aim to improve through regular, consistent actions day-over-day. We're also big fans of the new technology that can help you build better small habits through goal setting, daily reminders, and positive reinforcement.

The start of a new year is always a great time to take stock of your health. According to some statistics, about 45 percent of Americans set New Year resolutions but only eight percent are successful.

1. Get a Personal Online Coach.

Online health coaching is a growing trend that provides additional accountability through personal goal tracking and one-on-one or group support, guidance and encouragement. is one such platform but there are many more. These sites offer a variety of pre-set programs to address the most commonly desired personal improvements, like developing more regular brushing or flossing habits. The free offerings allow you to track your daily progress, connect with others with the same goals and get coach support around your goal. You can also pay for additional coach accountability.

2. Get in the Two-Minute Habit.

Are you brushing long enough? Timing is everything and when it comes to brushing teeth, two-minutes is the magic number. In our last blog post, we highlighted some of the latest toothbrushes that use lights, sound, and even Bluetooth to help you meet the two-minute mark. There are even some great, free apps out there that will do the trick. A search for "brush timer" will produce a list of apps you can test out. One of our favorites is Brush DJ which plays random songs from your smartphone playlists to mark your two-minute brushing time.

3. Commit to Brushing One More Time Today.

Plaque can build up whenever food particles remain on your teeth. That's why regular brushing is so important. If you're already in the habit of brushing twice a day, set a goal to improve by brushing one more time during the day. Get a travel kit for your office and brush after lunch or after indulging in the bagels your co-worker brought in. A portable electric toothbrush like Violife line can be kept at the office or in your purse or computer bag if you're someone who wants to brush more but is always on the go.

4. Schedule Your Health Time.

Staying healthy means being proactive about your health care. Make it a regular part of your routine to stay on top of your regular dental visits with scheduling apps like Doctors Appointment Reminder. For more advanced personal healthcare monitoring apps like Capzule, PHR can be used to store your important medical test results and medications in one location where they can be quickly accessed and shared with your dentist or another healthcare provider.

5. Change One Eating Habit.

Eliminating sugary and starchy foods from your regular diet is another sure way to slow the progression of tooth decay. Recent polls indicate that the number of people who drink a soda a day has gradually decreased since Gallup first reported it at 48 percent in 2012, but one-third of us are still stuck in the habit. Even if soda's not your thing, you may have another daily guilty pleasure that's putting your long-term health at risk. You don't have to give these up completely, but making a conscious effort to replace one bad thing in your daily diet with a healthier alternative goes a long way toward improving your overall health - teeth included. Fooducate is a site that grades food options from A to D based on the product's nutrition facts panel and ingredients. Plus, you can sign up to receive daily tips on making better food choices in the real world. 

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