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February Family Fun

Aspen Grove Family Dentist shares fun activity ideas for families to try this February.

Brighten the Dreary Days of Winter with Family-Focused Fun.

With the holiday break well in the past and end of March Spring Break that seems like it may never arrive, and days of cold, wet dreariness, that keep your family bunched inside, the month of February may feel like a real slog. We can relate to the feeling, but we choose to look at the bright side.

We like to see this time of year as the perfect time to cozy up with the family to connect and create lasting memories. After all, we are a family dental practice, and we practice what we preach.
Need some inspiration to get started? Here are some of our favorite ideas for February family fun. (None of them include Netflix!)

Go Camping

You don’t need perfect weather to pitch a tent in the den. It’s easy to re-kindle your childhood under a canopy of blankets. Lay the sleeping bags out, whip up a pan of smores in the oven and call it a night.

Have a Family Devotional

Sharing your faith is one of the greatest gifts parents can give their children. Choose a favorite Bible story and have the kids act it out. Or, take turns sharing what it means to each family member through words or drawings. ThreeThirty Ministries is a great site for family devotion ideas and activities.

Listen to an Audiobook Together

Not every family activity needs to be “active”. Pop some popcorn, cozy up in your den and let this excellent alternative to television spark your collective imagination. Bring out some paper and crayons or toss a ball to keep right-brained kids engaged.

Some family books we recommend: The Chronicles of Narnia, The Harry Potter Series, The Roald Dahl Collection.

Celebrate a Different Culture

Explore and celebrate diversity by choosing a country and building a night around it. Create a meal from your chosen destination and organize an activity or craft centered on the culture.

Make Breakfast for Dinner

Turn your day upside down by putting your pajamas on early and cooking up your family favorite morning eats. Go all out. Let the kids whip up the pancake batter, break out the waffle iron and serve your morning treats with home-cooked bacon, sausage and eggs. If you’re looking for a new family favorite, check out these breakfast-for-dinner recipes from Food Network.

Good times spent with family will brighten your February and lift everyone’s spirits until the sun comes back to stay.
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