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Welcome, Dr. Ryan Roberts!

Ryan Roberts DDS

Dr. Ryan Roberts, DDS joins Aspen Grove Dental, Franklin TN

We are pleased to announce that Aspen Grove Dental will soon be welcoming a third dentist into the practice!

Dr. Ryan Roberts, who by the way has been an Aspen Grove Dental patient since he was in middle school and recently graduated from the University of Tennessee Memphis Health Science Center College of Dentistry, will be joining Drs.Trammell and Hutchison starting June 19th!

When asked to comment, Dr. Roberts shared, "I am thrilled to be joining the Aspen Grove Dental family — it’s a place that has meant so much to my wife and me over the years, and it is also the place where I first was able to pursue my passion for dentistry."

Dr. Roberts became interested in dentistry at a young age. When he was around six-years-old he had a serious soccer accident which required extensive dental work and multiple visits to both a general practice dentist and an orthodontist.

“That experience is what led me to be curious about dentistry. I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands. I was interested in the sciences and just the personal touch that made such an impact in my life at an early age, it became something in the back of my mind that Dentistry may be what I wanted to do,” said Dr. Roberts.

By the time his family moved to Brentwood when he was in middle school, Ryan’s interest had grown into a passion that the doctors at Aspen Grove Dental were only too happy to encourage.

“Dr. Roberts has been part of the family for years,” said Dr. Joe Trammell. “Not only has Ryan been a patient since grade school, he interned at Aspen Grove before starting and during dental school. He even married my oldest daughter, Monica's, first grade best friend. We’re truly excited to officially bring him into the practice.”

Dr. Roberts explains, “I started shadowing when I was in the ninth or tenth grade. My mother would go and drop me off at the office to hang out. Just watching them being family guys that they are, enjoying what they do on a daily basis and just treating the people the way they treat people really was what lead me to pursue dentistry in college and after.”

Dr. Roberts continues, "Dr. Trammell and Dr. Hutchison have been great mentors. In college whenever I came home for summer and winter breaks, I would go hang out at the practice, more nuisance, than help, I’m sure, but both doctors were always supportive — they have always wanted what’s best for me.”

Dr. Roberts on Mission with Dr. Hutchison

“It has been really exciting watching Dr. Roberts develop over the years,” said Dr. Chad Hutchison. “Since he's been a patient of the practice for so long, we've been able to see how eager he has been to become a dentist and how he is ready to impact the community. Ryan has a big heart. He and I were blessed enough to go on a mission trip together, and I was able to see firsthand his love to help those who need it. He has also married a precious young woman, Brittany. Ryan and Brittany both have a heavy emphasis on family, which of course is a big bonus for us at Aspen Grove Dental. It makes the transition so much easier when new employees share the same values that we do. Dr. Roberts is such a well-rounded guy that would do well for our community. We just feel so blessed to have him in our office.”

In addition to having an opportunity to return home and put down roots in the Franklin area, Dr. Roberts is grateful to be working with doctors who care so much about their patients.

“Dr. Trammell and Dr. Hutchison do a tremendous job investing in their work-family; it’s a real blessing to be included.” said Dr. Roberts, “I’m excited to be carrying on with what they’ve built. They call it a family practice and it really is.”

Please welcome Dr. Roberts during your next visit to Aspen Grove Dental.

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