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Get Ready for Summer

Aspen Grove Dental Prepared for Summer - Tooth Injuries

Dental First Aid Guide from Franklin Family Dentists at Aspen Grove

School’s out and summer break is upon us. If you’re like us, you’ve got a lot of fun lined up for your kids. Camps, swimming, sports, and adventures; whatever is on your agenda we hope it’s a summer to remember for all the right reasons.

Summertime activities can also mean some bumps and bruises and – every once in awhile – a blow to the mouth. Mouth injuries are common in children and may involve the teeth, jaw, lips, tongue, gums, inner cheeks roof of the mouth, neck or tonsils. We’ve put together a quick reference guide based on recommendations from the American Dental Association that you can use should your rough and tumble little ones need dental first aid.

Cuts and Punctures of the Mouth

If your child takes a tumble and starts bleeding from the mouth, do your best to dry it up and examine the area. There are many blood vessels in the head and neck area so bleeding from the mouth may make the injury seem more serious than it really is. Minor cuts or punctures can be taken care of at home by applying pressure and ice to stop bleeding and swelling. If the cut is deep, it’s best to have a doctor look at it as it may need stitches.

Crack, chip or break

Minor tooth fractures usually don’t cause pain. But a large piece of the tooth breaks off it can damage the nerve inside the tooth and cause significant pain. Sometimes the tooth looks fine, but it hurts only when you eat or when the temperature in your mouth changes (because you drank something hot or cold, for example). There is no way to treat a cracked tooth at home. While not an emergency that requires immediate attention, you should call us as soon as you recognize the problem so we can examine and repair the tooth. Until you get to our office, you can ease any pain by rinsing with warm water, applying pressure with a piece of gauze and icing the cheek or lips over the broken tooth.

Loss of a Tooth

If a permanent tooth is completely dislodged due to a serious blow to the mouth, timing can be critical. Children typically won’t experience any harm from being without a baby tooth until their permanent teeth come in but If a permanent tooth is knocked out, it’s important to act fast. it’s best to see a dentist within 30 minutes when it’s a permanent tooth. If at all possible, recover the tooth. Rinse it in warm water to remove any debris and keep it moist. If the child is old enough to ensure he won’t swallow the tooth, he can hold it in place in his mouth until he can be seen.

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