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Introducing Same Day Crowns

Aspen Grove Dental same day crowns

Aspen Grove Dental Offers Same-Day Crown Service to Franklin, Cool Springs

Digital Dentistry. It’s the way of the future and it’s here, now at Aspen Grove Dental.

“This is an exciting time to be in the dental field,” says Dr. Joe Trammell. “The science of dentistry just keeps getting better and we’re committed to bringing the best of that to our patients.”

One advancement that has patients raving is the doctors’ new same-day crown service made possible by their continuous desire to deliver the best in dental service to their customers.

When patients present with broken or cracked teeth, your dentist often recommends applying a crown - a custom-fitted cap that covers the damage and restores the tooth’s strength and shape. Fitting a crown is an involved process that requires creating a mold of the tooth and surrounding area, sending that impression to a dental lab that creates the crown, setting a temporary crown, then, finally, a week or two later, setting the permanent crown.

Using computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technologies, Aspen Grove Dental patients can no longer need to schedule multiple appointments and spend a lot of time in the chair to get a quality crown.

While the technology has been around for more than 10 years, Dr. Trammell and Dr. Hutchison were careful to introduce this new technology only when they felt it had matured enough that it would deliver their patients with the long-term quality results they insist on delivering:

  • Easy to use CAD software that produces highly detailed data models.
  • Highly accurate, reliable 3D printers to replicate that data.
  • A wide variety of materials that can be applied to many dental situations.

“The process is extremely painless, easy and fast compared to creating a traditional crown,” says Dr. Chad Hutchison. “The whole process takes less than two hours.”

During your visit, the doctor will take a digital scan of your mouth using an intra-oral camera (kind of like an oversized pen attached to a video camera. It projects a 3D image of the teeth and gums on a computer screen. Based on the size, position, and shape of the damaged tooth, computer software suggests the ideal dimensions for a crown. Your dentist then fine-tunes the virtual restoration and send the information to an on-site “milling” machine that carves the crown out of a ceramic block. The crown is then ready to be bonded to your tooth.
So, quality dental appliances digitally fitted, in less time, with less discomfort. That’s a LOT to smile about!

Have some dental work you’ve been putting off because it would be uncomfortable or “take too much time”? 

Call Aspen Grove Dental Associates at (615) 790-8494, or request an appointment online.


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