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Sweet Goodbyes

2016 Sweet Goodbyes - Pamela Lees and Beth Burgess Retire After More than 19 Years at Aspen Grove Dental

Aspen Grove Dental in Franklin, TN, Honors Retiring Hygienists 

Growing a successful family dental business is a delicate balance of setting the right values, finding the right staff and attracting the right clientele. Two hygienists, Beth Burgess and Pam Lees, have been with Dr. Joe Trammell almost since the beginning, and have helped Aspen Grove Dental grow into the leading family dental care practice it is today. Sadly, after nearly 20 years with the practice, they both are retiring this month.

Dr. Chad Hutchison speaks for himself and Dr. Joe when he says, “Being a family dental practice means that we take care of families, but it also means that we are family. I am so happy to have Beth and Pam as members of my dental family. We have been able to celebrate fun times together, but have also known what it is like to endure trials together. It's great to see the commitment that these ladies have to me, Dr. Trammell, this office, and, most of all, the patients. Pam and Beth LOVE their patients. They work hard for them, know what's going on with their families, sometimes even work out with them. I love having a dental practice that is interactive with its patients. It's part of who we are. We are part of the community.”

“I started doing some fill-in work at Aspen Grove Dental in 1997,” said Beth. “I liked that it was a private family practice. Then I did Susan’s maternity leave for her first child. At the end, they asked me to stay.  Now her first child is in college.”

“Drs. Joe and Chad have been great to work for,” said Beth. “They’ve assembled a knowledgeable and loyal staff; the office is positive and fun.”

Beth and Pam Lees had become friends in hygiene school and it was Beth who shared with Pam what a positive, family-oriented work environment Dr. Trammell was building at Aspen Grove Dental and encouraged her to come.

In January of 1998, Pam began filling in for hygienists in the practice. She joined full-time in June of that year when another hygienist left. 

“Back then it was just Dr. Trammell downtown on 4th Ave. In 19 years, what’s really kept me here through all the growth and changes is the atmosphere. We really are like a family here and that includes our patients,” said Pam.

Beth and Pam have seen many changes in dental health over the course of their careers, mostly around technology: powered toothbrushes, laser surgery, sonic cleaning tools, digital x-rays and on-site crown fabrication machines -- in fact AGD just installed one of these machines — one-visit, same day crowns!

Keeping up with the advances and improving with the times have kept their careers engaging. Both Beth and Pam are also quick to point out that the doctors have high standards for their staff but also have a great deal of respect for their work.

“Dr. Joe and Dr. Chad don’t micro-manage,” said Beth. “They treat all the hygienists like professionals, trusting them to do their job as they see fit,” adds Pam. “It feels good to have that level of trust.” 

When asked what they’ll miss the most after retirement, both Beth and Pam are quick to respond - “My patients.” 

Pam explained, “I told them I wanted to retire in April but asked to stay six months so that I could say goodbye to all of my patients.”

“Some of my patients came in for their first dental appointment around age three or four, said Beth. “At that age, they’re not quite sure what it was all about. As they grow I have the chance to guide them through the dental experience. I still treat some of those kids but now they are in college, getting married and bringing their own kids in for a visit.”

Drs. Trammell and Hutchison have expressed deep gratitude for the quality personalized service Pam and Beth have given for so many years at Aspen Grove Dental and wish them the best in their next chapter. Both ladies are exploring what that might look like.  

For Beth, it will mean exploring new interests and occasionally supporting her husband with the business side of his Nuisance Wildlife business.

Pam intends to become more active with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, an organization that has deep personal meaning for her and her husband. She is also exploring floral arrangement. Pam will also continue to help the doctors with certain office tasks.

“I’m like toilet paper on the bottom of your shoe. I stick around!” she said. 

The doctors wouldn’t have it any other way.

“We are so appreciative of long-term employees like Beth and Pam, they represent the standard by which we demand at Aspen Grove Dental,” said Dr. Joe. 

“We are family. We laugh together, we work together and we so greatly value our patient relationships. It's really not teeth totally. It's the patient behind the teeth. Just as we love our patients, we love our employees and we so greatly value ALL of our employees, but it is time to celebrate Beth and Pam!! Thanks so much for a job well done and Godspeed upon the rest of your journey!”

“Many, many Thanks!!”

Become part of our family at Aspen Grove Dental. 

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