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Get to Know Alethea Hutchison

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Aspen Grove Dental Associates Introduce The Family Behind Our Franklin Family Dental Practice: Alethea Hutchison

"> We're proud of the family-focused atmosphere we've created at Aspen Grove Dental. But, there are a couple people who play integral roles in our family success that often go unseen around the office. They are the doctor’s wives - Alethea and Karen.

Recently, we sat them down for a little chat about life with a family dentist. We think you'll love them as much as we do and we're sure they'll put a smile on your face. And, of course, smiles are what we're all about.

First up, meet Alethea Hutchison...

Alethea, tell us the story of your life with Dr. Hutchison.

Chad and I met at Lyon College in Batesville, Arkansas where we went to undergraduate school. We started dating our sophomore year and we've been married for 16 years. We both grew up in Arkansas but on opposite ends of the state. We came to the Nashville area from New Orleans where Chad attended dental school at LSU.

We moved to Franklin in 2003. Our daughter, Blythe, is now 12 and our son, Zaine, is 11. And we can't forget Lula, our one-year-old puppy!

In September, Chad and I crossed the mark in life in which we can officially say that we’ve been together (dating) for more than half our lives. We started dating in September of 1996. Nineteen years is a long time to be with the same person, so I’m very thankful he hasn’t gotten tired of me. I’m pretty proud of our longevity.

What is your favorite part of being a mother?

This is an impossible question. Everything is my favorite part of being a mother. I am amazed every time I look at my children that God has entrusted me with the opportunity to lead them through life. I guess what I love the very most is that I know and understand those two kids more deeply than anyone else on this earth. And that’s pretty special.

What's it like being married to a dentist?

When someone finds out my husband is a family dentist, they usually have some sort of negative experience about the dentist they immediately go to.

I assure them that Chad is the kindest and most gentle dentist they will ever find. His primary focus is to encourage patients to take care of their overall health and he knows that having a negative experience at the dentist will discourage that.

One of the questions they ask during a dental school admittance interview is, “Why do you want to be a dentist?” Chad’s answer was always, “To help people”.

That has remained his philosophy throughout his career, and I think patients really feel that when they are in his chair. He once told me that he feels most successful when someone walks into his operatory saying how much they hate the dentist but leaves saying they have never had a better experience.

Let's get personal. Tell us three things we wouldn't guess about you and Dr. Hutchison?

Well, one of my favorite things is that we laugh a lot together. Chad is one day older than me, and I joke with him that I’ve always wanted an older man, so he’s lucky he just barely made the cut!

While we do share a lot of interests, one thing that usually surprises people is that even though Chad is a serious golfer, I absolutely do not share his love for the game. But I am very good at driving the golf cart to the swimming pool!

People usually find it funny that Chad cannot turn down a Dr. Pepper and I have a raging sweet tooth. We tend to feed each other's addictions even though we teach our patients not to!

Thank you, Alethea!

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