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7 Super-Fun Summer Activities

Friendly Staff at Aspen Grove Dental Recommends Summer Fun Activities

[dropcap class="dropcap"]Summer is rapidly approaching and you know what that means... School is almost out! The kids are ready for all that summer fun! It seems that parents are always looking for creative and low-cost activities for their kids. Playing in the sprinkler, climbing trees or catching bugs bring many hours of fun, but when the obvious ideas run out, here are a few more to keep you and the kids going./dropcap]

1. Camping in the backyard

The backyard may not seem too exciting to the kiddos who play there all the time. However turning it into a campsite will bring lots of excitement. Pop up a tent, throw down some sleeping bags and maybe even make s'mores!

 2. Play Ball

When kicking, catching, and throwing the ball get old, don't just toss the ball in the closet. Decorate it with markers, try to catch it with towels, or make up new rules for the game of kickball.

3. Play Dress-Up 

Every home is happier when it's filled with unicorns, astronauts, dragons, and fairies; obviously. Look in your closet for those oddball clothes, costume jewelry, hats, and scarves. Then let their imaginations run wild dressing up in oversized and silly outfits!

4. Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of things you can find around the neighborhood. A stop sign, a flower, or a black cat. Walking or biking around the neighborhood on a hunt for treasure will be a hit with the kids.

5.  Volunteer as a Family

Find somewhere to volunteer based on what your kids are into. They'll have fun doing it and will get to experience the joy of helping others and giving back.

6.  Flashlight Tag

There is something extra special about being able to play outside after dark. Give the kids a flashlight and have endless fun with flashlight tag. Combining hide-and-seek with tag is thrilling!

 7.  We All Scream for Ice Cream

What's summer without a cold ice cream cone on a hot summer day? When your kids get their teeth cleaned at Aspen Grove Dental, we reward them with a FREE ice cream at Baskin Robbins! So let the kids know when they come to see us, remember to ask for that special treat![

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