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Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

Franklin TN dentists top 5 tips for healthy teeth

5 Simple Tips For Healthy Teeth

Sensitive teeth are no fun. Getting a filling is no fun. Gum disease is no fun. You see where we’re going with this? Having good oral health can prevent oral diseases, obviously, but it can also prevent heart disease among other things. So, here are our top five tips for getting and keeping your teeth healthy… Aspen Grove Dental style!

1. Start with a new toothbrush

First things first. Start by getting a new toothbrush. They aren’t meant to last forever. On the contrary, they’re really meant to be used for three months, max! Bristles wear out, which means they aren't cleaning your teeth the way they should. Bristles also get dirty. Believe it or not, your mouth is the least clean part of your body. Whether you have an electric toothbrush or a manual one, let’s get some new bristles on those pearly whites.

2. Gum anyone?

Chewing some sugar free gum, or swishing mouthwash or water, after a meal is a great way to clean your teeth on the run. We’ve all been there. The big green thing stuck in our teeth after dinner, and then you get the awkward high sign from a loved one that you got an oral stow away; not fun. Chewing some gum or swishing after a meal will reduce those embarrassing moments and will help keep your teeth clean. #winwin.

3. It’s in the wrist

In sports having good technique can make you a better athlete than those who just have raw talent. The same is true for keeping your teeth clean. Aggressively flossing, brushing, and using mouthwash isn’t as good as doing it the right way at the right times. When you floss, you want to get any build up OUT of your mouth and not pack it down. When you brush, gently circulate your toothbrush on your teeth. Don't gouge your mouth with the brush. Finally, when you use mouthwash, make sure you use a mouthwash that is appropriate for your teeth. Also, be sure you brush at the right time. Brush right when you get out of bed, and right before you get in bed.

4. Suck it up

Keeping sugary liquids off your teeth as much as possible is a simple yet powerful way to prevent cavities and improve your oral health. Whenever you can, at a restaurant or at home, try to use a straw instead of drinking straight from the glass, can, or bottle. One of the worst things you can do is drink a regular soda, without a straw, right before you get in bed, and not brush your teeth. No bueno.

5. Don’t forget your appointment

Last and but certainly not least, maintain regular check-ups. People can only do so much on their own. You really just can’t replace a deep cleaning and checkup on your teeth from the dentist. That’s also your opportunity to bounce questions and habits off us and receive guidance on how to keep your teeth in the best health possible.

That's our top five!

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